Light gauge steel framing systems Aegis supplies Ultra-Span steel roof trusses, TradeReady floor joist,
and a full-range of structural wall framing products and accessories.
A worldwide supplier of technology-driven products and services for the building component industry including wood truss, floor truss, roof truss and steel truss design, engineering and fabrication as well as
truss connectors & hangers and fire resistant systems.
Cold Formed Steel Engineers Institute
CFSEI is an association of structural engineers and other design professionals whose mission is to find a better way to produce safe and efficient designs for commercial and residential structures with cold-formed steel.
Steel Framing Alliance
SFA enables and encourages the widespread, practical and economic use of and preference for light gauge steel framing in residential construction and the expansion of the use of steel framing as a load bearing element in commercial construction.
Cornell Corporation
Cornell is a insulation and sheathing manufacturer.
Hunter Panels, LLC
Hunter manufactures a full line of rigid polyiso roofing insulation for use in both commercial and residential construction.
Rmax, Inc.
R-Max is a manufacturer of commercial, industrial and residential insulation products.
Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association
ARMA is a trade association representing the majority of North America’s asphalt roofing manufacturing companies, plus their raw material suppliers. The association includes almost 95% of the nation’s manufacturers of bituminous-based roofing products.
Polyisocyanurate Insulation Manufacturers Association
The PIMA is the national trade association that advances the use of polyisocyanurate(polyiso) insulation and is one of the foremost advocates for energy efficient practices and policies in the country. Polyiso is one of the nation’s most widely used and cost-effective insulation products and has been recognized by the EPA as an important product in sustainable construction. Note: Technical Bulletin # 106