1. Can Structeavent be used when venting is not required?
    Yes. Gables on vented jobs & perimeters of non-vented jobs provide a great opportunity to incorporate several important features of Structeavent. See System SNV or System NSNV for details.

  2. Can Structeavent be used on low sloped roofs?
    Yes. Once again these types of construction offer opportunities to take advantage of Structeavent’s cost and labor saving features.

  3. How does Structeavent save time on installation labor?
    Structeavent’s unique design allows the total elimination of wood and its labor to install. Also Structeavent’s base is assembled and Structeavent’s cover formed in the plant reducing costly and dangerous field labor. See our Products page for more information.

  4. What colors are available for the pre-finished metal cover?
    There are 26 standard colors of Kynar 500 finishes available. Special colors are available at an extra cost.

  5. Can Structeavent be used with structural wood decks?
    Yes, all of our products may be used with a structural wood deck. See our Products page for more information.

  6. What trades install Structeavent?
    Generally, the base is installed by the steel erector, the light gauge truss erector or the general contractor. The fascia cover is normally installed by the sheet metal installer or the roofer.

  7. What size does Structeavent come in?
    Structeavent’s sizes are determined by the specific requirements of each project. This allows the architect to custom design each project individually.

  8. How does Structeavent guarantee proper ventilation?
    By providing a standard perforated pattern for the insect screen that is calibrated to meet or exceed the requirements of the vented roof deck system. Structeavent also eliminates the need for field application of air openings that can be improperly installed thus causing the improper amount of airflow.

  9. How many models or configurations of Structeavent are there?
    There are numerous configurations that this product can achieve to meet specific design requirements. We invite you to submit your existing details and we will assist you in developing a solution that best fits your needs.

  10. Is Structeavent cost competitive?
    Yes. In head to head price comparisons with the old parts and pieces method, Structeavent wins most of the time. It also features an excellent materials to labor ratio making Structeavent the most efficient way to do the job right.