System NSVA is designed to properly ventilate attic spaces. This unique design promotes increased air flow, while still providing a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance through the use of concealed splice plates. It features a base angle vent, sized for specific air flow requirements. Optional support for the attachment of gutters is available.

Features & Benefits


  • Creates intake venting for roof deck systems and attics in designs with or without soffits
  • Creates a balance between the exhausted air and the intake at the eaves
  • Guarantees required air flow underneath the roof covering to prevent heat build up and moisture accumulation, thereby increasing the life of the roof

Materials & Finishes

  • 5 year workmanship warranty is included
  • Covers are manufactured from coil coated Kynar® 500 paint on steel or aluminum
  • A wide range of standard colors and finishes are offered to match specific job requirements, with custom colors and anodized finishes also available
  • 20 year Kynar 500 finish warranty is available


  • Unique design allows the use of light gauge steel components to replace heavy steel angles
  • Need for wood blocking and vented soffits is eliminated, thereby reducing costly and dangerous field labor
  • Reduces the number of trades involved, thus consolidating responsibility
  • Provided in 10′ lengths for less material handling and quicker installations
  • Quicker, more efficient installation creates for time and labor savings
  • Can be premanufactured with a galvanized, non-painted cover, providing one piece field installation to serve as a base for field application of stucco, EIFS, etc.