With more than 45 years experience in the commercial construction industry, Howard Ayers saw the need for a roof edge product that Architects and Structural Engineers could specify as a complete system.  A finished product that combined Structural Support, Venting (when needed) and that also eliminated pressure treated wood.  In 2002, the idea really did strike in the middle of the night and Structeavent was born.


ACS was formed in May of 2003 for the purpose of marketing, manufacturing and selling the Structeavent product in Alabama.  After a successful run in Alabama it was determined there was a national demand for the product and ACS launched a campaign to sell Structeavent in other areas of the country.


In December 2006, Howard Ayers was granted a patent for the Structeavent product, but this was not the end of the story.  During this same period of time Ayers began development on a product, the Encloser, for low slope roofs.  Once again a patent was applied for and was granted in 2010.
Both Structeavent and Encloser products have evolved and grown.  A second patent was issued on the Structeavent product in 2009 and on the Encloser product in 2011.


ACS continues to grow nationally and Howard Ayers continues to consult with Architects and Engineers on roof edge terminations.